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In Shikoku, there are abundant nature of the sea, mountains, rivers, delicious meals spoiled by the nature, and many historic sights.

In a remote region of Shikoku, there is an area called Iya, hidden deep in the mountains in the western part of Tokushima Prefecture.This area is full of activities that allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of its shapes while still retaining its charm as a secret.



The beautiful senery of Oboke and Koboke gorges also feature some turbulent rapids, and is one of the most popular destination for river rafting. Over 40,000 people come to experience the exciting rafting tours every year, and enjoy the surrounding nature.

In 2017, The World Championship was held in Miyoshi City for the first time in Japan.

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Iya-no-Kazura Bashi
(Vine Bridge)

One of the Japan’s Three Strange Bridges, the astounding Kazurabashi suspension bridge is made of local vines and is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property. Legends say that the ancient Heike residents made such bridges in order to easily cut them away if pursued by invading warriors. Rebuilt every 3years and stretching 45m long, 2mwide, and swaying 14m above the river below walking across the creaking vines of this back-country marvel will surely make your heart pound!

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Make soba noodle

Iya Soba is characterized by thick and short noodles. You can have a lesson how to make soba at few spots in this area. Savoring this simple but flavorsome noodle will warm up your heart and body as well.