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    Tourist spotHistory and culture

    Hashikura Temple

    This mountain temple was built by Kobo Daishi in the 5th year of Tencho Era (828), and it is of the “Shingon-Shu” denomination of Buddhism. It is believed that Kobo Daishi received a revelation from Konpira Daigongen while training at this site, and then built the seven halls of the temple compound. Hashikura Temple has over a thousand years of history, and can be reached by boarding a ropeway at the bottom of the mountain.

    This site is popular for the beautiful maple fall colours in autumn and the cherry blossom trees in spring.

    Basic information

    1006 Kuratani, Shuzu, Ikeda Cho, Miyoshi city
    Parking lot
    Parking lot capacity for 200 cars (free) at Hashikura-san ropeway /Parking possible for buses
    Get off the express way at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32→Arrive at the ropeway platform(It takes 5 minutes by car.)   10 minutes walk from JR Hashikura Station to the ropeway platform.
    Hashikura-Ji Konpira Office