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  4. Hotaru-no-sato Park (Firefly Park)
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Hotaru-no-sato Park (Firefly Park)の画像1
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    Hotaru-no-sato Park (Firefly Park)

    Many “Genji Hotaru” (Genji Firefly) flit around Kurokawadani in mid-June every year, where the “Kurokawadani firefly festival” takes place. It is popular to view the fireflies' glow during hot summer nights. (Hotaru inhabits only clean streams.) At festival, there are also fine displays of various crops & vegetables and bonsai, which are on sale along with buckwheat noodle , rice cake and etc.

    Basic information

    Yorihiro, Yamashiro Cho, Miyoshi City
    N/A (Open daily all year round)
    Admission fee
    Admission free
    Parking lot
    Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Take the National route 319 bound for Shingu→Take the Municipal road→Hotaru-no-sato Park(Journey time is approx. 50 minutes by car.)  Get off at JR Awa-Kawaguchi St.→Takes approx. 30 minutes by car to the park.