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    Village of Scarecrows(Kakashi-no-sato)

    Over 350 scarecrows are about in this deep mountain village. One woman handmade all of them and creatively placed them around the area: in the fields working, waiting at bus stops, dancing local dances, etc. You can walk around the village and enter the old school to see a glimpse of the past.

    Basic information

    192 Sugeoi, Higashi Iya, Miyoshi City
    Parking lot
    For cars, there is a big ground of the former Nagoro elementary school that is about 300 meter away toward the upper stream.
    For buses, there is a parking lot called "Mt.Miune Climbing Trailhead Parking" that is about 700 meter away toward the upper stream.
    Take Shikoku Kotsu Bus from JR Oboke St. for Kubo (Change here at Kubo Bus Stop)→Take the Municipal bus bound for Mt.Tsurugi→Get off at Nagoro Bus Stop

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