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  4. Kongou-no-Taki (Kongou Waterfall)/Ryudou-no-Taki (Ryudou Waterfall)
Kongou-no-Taki (Kongou Waterfall)/Ryudou-no-Taki (Ryudou Waterfall)の画像0
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    Kongou-no-Taki (Kongou Waterfall)/Ryudou-no-Taki (Ryudou Waterfall)

    “Ryudou-no-Taki”-The road leading to the basin of a waterfall is well maintained. The waterfall drop is 20 meters and water is so clear so that you can collect for drinking. It is told that Koboudaishi once trained at this waterfall long long time ago.
    “Kongou-no-Taki”-When you walk up the hillside road for further 300 meters from the Ryudou waterfall, there appear the stream of waterfall as though piercing through the mountain green. The waterfall, dropping 40 meters, is bursting through gaps of sheer rocks. Being surrounded by the natural forest, it is sometimes called as “the waterfall with Japanese maple tree”.

    Basic information

    Kamonomiya, Mino Cho, Miyoshi City
    Parking lot
    Get off the express way at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 towards Takamatsu→Take the Prefectural road 12→Take the Municipal road→The waterfall (The journey takes approx. 30 minutes by car.) 10 minutes drive from JR Eguchi Station