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    Mt. Kunimi

    Mt. Kunimi lies majestically between Iya Valley and Oboke Ravine. (1409 m high) It has a pnoramic view with 360-degree visibility. From Tsurugi Mountains to Ishizuchi Mountains, the panoramic scenery around Shikoku mountains, proves its reputation! Suitable time for climbing is from early April to late November. The most recommended time is November for its picturesque scenery.
    [Copied from Information Board at the starting point]
    * Approximately 1.9 km from the entrance parking to the summit (Around 50-minute walk)

    Basic information

    Parking lot
    Parking is available at the observation spot for up to 10 cars.
    Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 in the direction of Kochi→Turn left at Oboke into the Prefectural Road 45 in the direction of Iyanokazurabashi → Turn right before Iya Tunnel - Turn left at the three-forked way (the signboard indicates ""to DEAD END""; straight ahead ""to Awashi"") → Go up to the sign board, and turn left before going downward (Sign board reads; dead end; straight for Kazurabashi) → Turn left at a three-forked way (Turning right leads you to the real dead end) → in 10 min. you will reach the Mt. Kunimi Climbing Entrance.
    Total: approximately 80 min.