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    Kurozo Marshland

    A rich, natural habitat, home to a variety of beautiful wetland plants such as ohmizugoke moss, Fringed orchids, Pogonia orchids, Waterlily, Sundrews (carivorous plants) and Cirsium sieboldii (thistles).

    In the spring, the wetlands come alive with white waterlilies, and visitors can stroll over the marsh via wooden bridges. There are a few viewpoints, and also waterfalls in the area.

    The marshlands are designated as a prefectural natural monument and have an area of 26.7 hectares. The marsh is nestled in the mountains at 600 meters (east, west and north sides). The south side slopes down towards the Matsuo River, at 550 meters above sea level.

    Basic information

    Kurozou, Shitsukawa, Ikeda Cho, Miyoshi City
    N/A (Open daily all year round)
    Admission fee
    Admission free
    Parking lot
    50 spots
    Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Take the Prefectural road 5→Take the Woodland path Ikeda-Shitsukawa →Kurozou Marshland(Journey time is approx. 45 minutes by car for total of 18km.) By bus - From JR Awa-Ikeda St., take Shikoku Kotsu Bus bound for Shitsukawa Hachiman→Get off at Shitsukawa Hachiman Bus Stop → 50 minutes walk to Kurozou Marshland