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Oboke-kyo & Koboke-kyo (Oboke & Koboke gorges)

The Oboke Gorge has unusual geological strata, including a rudaceous schist formation designated as a natural monument. The Yoshino River has cut through the Shikoku Mountains over the ages, eroding crystalline schist into winding gorges with myriad shapes and forms, which almost look like marble statues. With fantastic reflections of cherry blossoms in spring and full autumn color in season, the river is host to a number of boating activities, from relaxing cruise down the calm part of the river, to an exciting rafting trip down the rapids. Koboke lies 3km downstream of Oboke and its scale is a little modest than Oboke, but is still beautiful and fascinating because of the rare shaped rock and its beauty of sandstone.

Basic information

Kamimyo~Shigezane, Yamashiro Cho, Miyoshi City
Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Oboke / Koboke gorges(Journey time is approx. 35 minutes by car.) Get off at JR Oboke St.→30 minutes to 1 hour walk or 5 minutes to 20 minutes by car to Oboke / Koboke gorges

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