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    Rest Area Oboke and Lapis Oboke

    This roadside station in the beautiful Oboke Gorge was opened in August 2008, and authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The building serves as a tourist information center and center to buy souvenirs or enjoy lunch at a cafe with terrace seating. This area has many legends about hobgoblins, so you can also visit the Hobgoblin Museum to see many spooky and fascinating statues and learn more about the legends. For a bit of manga trivia, it is also believed this area is the home town of “Konaki-Jijii”, who appeared in the comic book “Ge-Ge-Ge-no-Kitaro”.

    On the second floor, there is a Rocks and Gemstones Museum, which exhibits rocks and minerals from the Iya area, and also from around the world. You may request a volunteer guide for the trails or experience accessory craft-making (reservations necessary for groups). For more information, please ask at the Tourist Information Center.

    Basic information

    1553-1 Kamimyo, Yamashiro Cho, Miyoshi City
    9:00~17:00 (Restroom is open for 24 hours.)
    From March till November, open daily all year round,
    but closed on Tuesday in the winter season (Dec ~ Feb). (Next day if Teusday is a national holiday)
    Admission fee
    Admission free except for Stone and Rock museum (600yen for adult and 300yen for child)
    Parking lot
    *2 car spaces for the handicapped.
    Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Rest Area Oboke and Lapis Oboke(Journey time is approx. 35 minutes by car.) Get off at JR Oboke St.→20 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car to the destination.
    Lapis Oboke