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    RiverStation West-West

    This is a complex sightseeing facility located at the entrance to Oboke and Iya. An Iya soba noodle shop whose house was rebuilt from an old folk house, an authentic Tokushima Ramen restaurant, a gift shop, an outdoor shop, and a convenience store are on business. The facilities is also complete with features such as a downward slope that leads straight to the river, an observation platform and wooden deck, BBQ house, and dog park. It's also the starting point of the Rafting Koboke Course.

    Basic information

    Yamashiro-cho, Nishi-U 1468-1, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture
    Varies by the season and the shops.
    Varies by the season and the shops.
    Admission fee
    Set Meals reservation available for the price of 1500 or over per person. (except for Sat. Sun. and national holidays during the July-Nov. period.)
    Pay observation platform: 100.
    *Rest area, restrooms, promenades are available.
    Parking lot
    120 cars (only the users of the shops are free)
    By Car;
    Ikawa-Ikeda IC → National Way 32 in the direction of Kochi (30 min.)
    Taiho IC → National Way 32 in the direction of Takamatsu (30 min.)
    River Station West-West