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Miyoshi Spicy x Food Walking Stamp Rally 2023 [Until Sunday, December 3, 2023]

■Event period

From Monday, September 4, 2023

Until Sunday, December 3, 2023

There are two ways to collect Miyoshi Oishi Spicy stamps, electronic stamps and cards. If you collect 3 stamps or 3 cards, you can exchange them for original Miyoshi Oishi Spicy goods.

(We recommend the electronic stamp rally app 〖Miyoshi Navi〗 as it allows you to see tourist information and useful information around Miyoshi City.)
Pamphlets with information on participating stores are also available at each restaurant and at the Miyoshi City Tourism Association.
Please check Instagram for the latest information such as participating store information and detailed information.

■Miyoshi Spicy Stamp Rally Instagram@miyoshi.spicy ()

■Participating stores
Store name
Spicy menu

●Cafe & Goods Heso Salon (Oboke Iya Navi)    
Heso's Chinese rice spicy cutlet curry set
1804-9 Salad, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 778-0002 (map)

●Sake and Kushiyaki Home  
Tecchan's [Soba rice soup curry] 
1797-7 Sarada, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 778-0003 (map)

●Café&Bar add color   
Spice Curry/Craft Cola (with Sudachi)
1797-7 Salad, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 778-0003 (Map)

●chicken curry Kitchen 
Keema curry/salad/local drink

3307 Itano, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 778-0014 (map)

●Pearl Western confectionery shop ※By appointment only

MIYOSHI Cheesecake (using Sudachi, with pepper mix)
Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi City

●Italian Bar Isba (Oboke Iya Navi) 
Passionate Carbonara (Carbonara Rosso)
Wagyu beef offal stew with spicy tomatoes and short pasta “Rigatoni”

201-1 Tsuji, Igawa-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-4801 (map)

●Mikamo Cafe
Mikamo Multigrain Rice Curry SET (Drink included)

●Udon and creative cuisine Kuraf and
Sambal Udan (Indonesian-style shrimp chili made with local vegetables)

●Okonomiyaki Nishikawa 
Super Spicy Special Tamaki (with cheese)
1270-2 Lawn, Minocho, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture 771-2304 (Map)

●Mother's meal and snacks Nonono Restaurant (Roadside Station Mino) (Oboke Iya Navi) 
Spicy stir-fried local vegetables set meal (with local drink)
Tachino Roadside Station Mino, Mino-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 771-2305 (Map)

●Hare to Ke Coffee Main Store (Oboke Iya Navi) 
Keema curry pizza with seasonal vegetables and wild game
15 Oiri Onishi, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5164 (Map)

●Old folk house & bar YAMAYA (Oboke Iya Navi) 
SPICY Hayashi Rice
519-1 Okawamochi, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5304 (map)

●Tori no Su Cafe 
Awa deer grilled curry set (with yuzu lassi)
496-3 Ono, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5333 (map)

●Oboke Mannaka (Restaurant) 
Yokai Hidaru Ramen Set (with Sudachi juice)
1520 Nishiu, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5451 (map)

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