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    Iyakei Onsen Hotel Hikyo-no-yu

    Located about 5 minutes by car from Iya's Vine Bridge, the Hotel Hikyo no Yu offers bicarbonate of soda spring water containing fluorine and metaboric acid, which are effective in beautifying skin and relieving fatigue. The waters are effective in softening and removing dead skin cells and promoting blood circulation. Both baths offer views of the rich natural surroundings while you relax and unwind.

    At the Hotel Hikyo no Yu, you can enjoy the unexplored nature around you in addition to delicious local cuisine that has been carefully prepared. Guest rooms offer panoramic views, and there is a choice of Japanese-style, Western-style, and single rooms to suit your travel style. Near the hotel is the historic Vine Bridge, where the legend of the fallen Heike warriors still remains. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Iya Valley while experiencing the charm of this region.


    ■Parking lot
    Free parking available

    ■Pick up service
    Available with reservation

    ■Hot springs
    Hydrogen carbonate spring

    ■Day entry hot spring
    Available. Please ask at the facility for more details.