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JR Dosan Line – Tsubojiri Station

It is the railway station on the border of a mountain hill across Tokushima and Kagawa prefectures. This station stands in such a remote place and there is not even a house found around here in this vicinity. So, it is often introduced as “the railway station in nowhere” in TV programs, cartoons and so on. Many railway maniacs from all over the Japan visit this station. This aboveground station has just a single platform and operates a single track system. The train approaches the yard by way of the switchback system. Due to the station being in the pocket of the valley, you can’t get the access to the station by car. The only way is via two mountain paths.

Basic information

Tatsutani, Nishiyama, Ikeda Cho, Miyoshi City
Parking lot
Take the exit at Ikawa-Ikeda IC → Route 32 (bound for Takamatsu) → Around Tsubojiri bus stop (Shikoku Kotsu bus stop) → 15 minutes walk (The whole journey takes approx. 25 minutes by car and on foot) As for the local train of JR Dosan Line : Awa-Ikeda Station → Tsukuda Station → Hashikura Station → TSUBOJIRI STATION→ Sanuki-Saita Station *Please note that the non-express train stops at Tsubojiri
Shikoku Railway Company – JR Awa-Ikeda Station

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